Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

Mozilla Firefox is a Web Browser like Internet Explorer, Opera, or Google Chrome. Its advantage is that is fast, faster than Internet Explorer, its security is very good, flagging lots of dangerous sites and blocking those sites from accessing your computer, the real good thing about it however, is that there are LOTS of add-ons for it, allowing you to completely customise Firefox, there are more add-ons for firefox than any other web browser, from ad-blockers to javascript-blockers, from toolbars to password rememberers, security add-ons, blogging add-ons, and much more! My favourite ones are No-Script, a way to stop javascript from operating, and therefore lots of viruses, ads and spyware on dangerous, or annoying sites, though you can allow the ones that are good such as videos and games, Ad-Blocker Plus, a less extreme way to block Ads from showing up, WOT (Web of Trust), a site rater, that rates a site according to how good it is, Sxipper, a more elegant way of remembering passwords and fill-out forms, Colorful Tabs, making your tabs different colours and more colorful, Fasterfox Lite, basically increasing the speed of Firefox overall, IE-Tab, for any sites that you need internet explorer to see, IE-Tab can change Firefox's rendering engine to IE's one, thereby allowing you to see those sites, DownloadHelper, something that helps you to download videos easily, such as Youtube videos, DownThemAll, a download-accelerator, Speed Dial, turning new blank tabs, into a useful page of your favourite sites. Overall, its a really good browser that is much superior to Internet Explorer.
The best Internet Browser in the world is what it is. It's got pretty much everything you need in an internet browser.