SeaMonkey Web Browser

SeaMonkey web browser is free open-source suite that integrates Internet browser, e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat, and web development tools in a robust, easy-to-use package with other 3rd party addons.
SeaMonkey's Navigator has standard browser features such as tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, and cookie controls, but it lacks many extensions available for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Some useful Mozilla extensions work with Navigator, such as the NoScript program for blocking JavaScripts and the Googlebar toolbar, which is similar to the Google Toolbar.

E-Mail, Chat, and HTML
The SeaMonkey Messenger e-mail and newsgroups program looks like its Mozilla and Netscape Messenger predecessors, but adds modern features such as a phishing-detection tool and the ability to view and access mail from several different accounts in a single inbox. To access Internet Relay Chat in either Messenger or Navigator, opens ChatZilla, an open-source IRC instant-messaging program. As for the SeaMonkey Composer HTML editor, think of it as a light version of Microsoft FrontPage. It looks much like a word processor with big buttons for such operations as Publish, Link, Table, and Image, and it lets you work with a page's HTML code.